Is your wife saying she hates you or you have been telling yourself that my wife hates me and not able to find some answers and reasoning to the question “why my wife hates me”, then you as a husband are at the right place to find answers.

When we say that “my wife hates me”, we immediately try to find the reasons for them. You could be asking and telling yourself some of these –
I love my wife and don’t criticize her.
I help my wife with the children and the household chores.
I don’t drink too much or not into drugs.
I have a stable job.
I am a nice guy and I know what I am doing.
. . . and lot of other nice traits.
But still, my wife hates me.

If you really are not able to find good reasons for you to figure out why your wife hates you and dislikes you, then you need to have to spend some time with your wife all alone and try to make sense of all these from her, and knows what’s missing in your marriage or in fact what is missing in her life that she suddenly is all of hate, dislike and aversion for you.

Lot of times than not, it’s just about hearing things out. It’s really not about any major issues or problems. Women in general what’s to be heard and a husband needs to be there for her to hear her out. We all are adults and we know and can handle some basic issues and problems our self. So in these cases, more than an advice or a solution, what they would need is a gentle and nice hearing out.

So if you feel that you haven’t really done that before, let her know that you truly want to listen to her side of things and to connect more with her. More often than not, she will surely come up with some issues and problems she sees in you. Here it’s natural for my husband the explain it back or be defensive. But please avoid that and postpone that to another day. What you are trying to is to let you know from her what she sees is wrong in your marriage and what wrong or issues she sees in you.

Don’t offer immediate solution or explanation, just give her the hope and the confidence that you are in fact trying to be a good husband and you want to show her all the love and provide her and the kids to the best of your ability.
It’s really important for you to let her know that you are still deeply in love with her and want to sort of all the issues and problems and have a happy and a harmonious life with her.

Also when she lets you know of things that she does not like in you and in your relationship, it’s always better to make her tell you how she likes things to become. So that way both you and your wife will be on the same page as to what is wrong in the marriage and relationship and what would make it better.
Now make sure that you keep all of them in mind and take efforts on them. Make sure that you make progress every day and your wife is able to see that things are in fact getting better in your marriage. Also make it a point to “tell” her that you love her every single day.

Since you are saying that “my wife hates me”, she in fact is experiencing something that is worth hating and disliking. So you need to figure out the reasons for her hate, what she is hurt and upset about and is she in a situation that is making her to hate you and things around the relationship as an outlet for her stress and tension.
So for you to save your marriage you need to get to the core and find out what your wife is actually feeling. It’s better for you to open up to her and get to know things than she coming up and telling you how she is feeling and what she is dealing with. When she comes to you first, it can like expecting the unexpected. You might be shocked and also you could react a lot differently and may be not in the nicest of ways. So think through the issues you see in yourself and in your marriage and then have a conversation with her.

Also one other thing that really helps when you find your wife hating you is to refresh her memory about the love you both had for each other and the days of being happily married. Know that action always speaks louder than words and you need to bring back showing the love you have for her. Keep in mind that this whole thing is going to be like starting all over from the beginning and earning back her love again. Try to bring back all the things she loved about you during the initial days of knowing each other and the initial days of your marriage.

Know that hate is an extreme and harsh feeling one has for another person. Most probably it is the way that your wife is showing her indifference that you see as hate. Anger should also not be mistaken as hate. So you should be able to differentiate actions and reactions of hate and anger, and see when the problem lies.

Also know if your wife is showing completely disregard to you or is just venting off her anger on you. It should also be pretty obvious for you to find out whether or not if she shows or has any kind of emotional ties to you.
You are here as your marriage and the relationship with your wife matters a lot to you. So start acting on protecting your marriage and take steps to fix the hate of your wife and bring back the love, affection and happiness in your marriage.

Also be careful where you take your advice from when dealing with sensitive issues in marriage and relationship and things regarding your wife. They might be close to you but remember you have to suffer any mistakes that happen based on their advices and also they don’t really have anything invested on your relationship.

So find advice and information from knowledgeable and trusted people/ sites whose guidance have put people back together in relationships. So get as much advice and information from the site and make efforts in applying them to your marriage and wife and above all please quit saying “my wife hates me” as soon as possible.
Remember that you are at a point in your married life, when saving your marriage and bringing back the love of your wife is your top priority. Please go through the proven step-by-step guide to save your marriage and to quit saying immediately “my wife hates me”.

For a husband to say “ I think my wife hates me” is really one of the most painful feelings a marriage or a wife can give him. Hate is really a strong word and typical should not have a place in a marriage. But for you to think about if your wife hating you is definitely because you have started sensing that your wife has now started to feel some kind of an emotional distance from you.

We need to accept and understand that marriage is all about balancing the good and the happy things with the bad and the not so good things, and finding ways to stay in love with your wife and being close to her. If really deep in your heart you feel that your wife is falling out of love, you need to immediately start doing something about that. Remember that the more you delay the more hate keeps creeping into her.

Keep in mind that leaving things the way it is and not taking any steps will surely result in your wife being more unhappy, irritated and discontented with her marriage to you, and all these will definitely have a very big impact on your relationship, marriage and the future of them.

As soon as you get a feeling that your wife hates you, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her on what you feel and to know what she feels about your and the relationship in general.
As men we need to understand that most of us are not comfortable talking about their feelings. But here what we as husbands really need to understand is that it’s not about “comfort” here, it purely about “necessity” and “bring back our love”.

We need to try to get our wife to open up and talk about their feelings and emotions and what she really is feeling, and its very important for you to do the same as well. Know that unless you open the lines of communication in your marriage again with your wife you will never be able to fully understand what kind of emotions and feelings you wife is going through.

Be aware that resentment and bitterness is always the core of all the issues when a wife starts to feel disconnected from her husband. And invariably most of the time it is some actions or inactions from the husband’s side creates that. It could be that you are emotionally neglecting her or being emotionally detached towards her. It could also be that you don’t appreciate or disregard the tasks she does for the children and for the home.

Has your wife told you that she feels like you are taking her for granted and you don’t seem to address her needs, then that’s a very big warning sign? You really need to give a lot of thoughtfulness and attention to that.
Most likely your wife might be starting to feel that she dislikes and hates you mainly because she dislikes your actions and choices.

If you are sure that this is the case that is the source of hate from your wife then you need to start considering and taking into account her feelings more whenever you make any choices for the family or whenever you do actions that affect her and the family.
Please put in more effort to make your wife happy and to appreciate her and her efforts. Show your wife that you indeed are a nice and a good husband, do all that you can do to make her feel that way. It’s very important for any husband to treat her wife as she is the most important women in the word. The woman we love and got married deserves such a treatment from we husbands. Cherish, care and love her every day. Don’t hold back your affection and appreciation. Once your wife starts to feel like she is the center of your world then her feelings of dislike and discontent will be replaced sooner than you expect by those of love, commitment and trust towards you.

Also keep in mind that doing or saying anything wrong can actually cause your wife to feel and behave even more distant from you. I am in all hopes that you can make your wife to fall in love back with you all over again.
Please do not worry too much about whether or not your wife is on the brink of bringing up the topic to divorce or even asking you for that. This kind of worry in fact hampers all your positive efforts. You can surely control all these kinds of situation by using these specific and proven strategies and techniques to make her fall in love with you naturally.

Are you asking yourself “Why does my wife hate me?” more often these days; then you are clearly in a lot of emotional pain right now. For a husband to think that their wife has feelings of hate, resentment and aversion towards them is really very tough and hurtful. These emotions can be quite tough and painful to deal with. Also you may fear the possibility of a separation or even a divorce as a result of this.

Very few husbands these days are fortunate enough to save their marriage after facing similar situations like those you are in. I would like to pass on to you some of the things I have learned and applied to overcome these situations and carry on to lead a happy and a harmonious married life. Also I included lot of useful advice and information from a lot of other couples some who were able to save their marriage and some who were not fortunate enough.

Any wife who says or feels that she wants to get separated or even get a divorce obviously has lost a lot of love for their husband. Also what we need to understand here is, losing love for a husband or a spouse is one thing, and hating and despising them is another.

I have seen cases where the couples hate each other and still manage to stay married for a really long time, and cases where a little loss of love between the couples have let to divorce.
Whether it is lost love or hate, both have a lot of potential to lead to heart breaks, separation and divorce.

Also you might be asking yourself, ‘Yes, there has been some problems and issues in my marriage lately, but should it really lead to a divorce?’ . Also lot of questions and emotions overflow your mind during this time, and it’s really difficult for you to come in terms with the reality that your wife hates you.

You might be having trouble and pain in understanding about life you had built together with your wife, was it all not worth it!! And the feelings of hurt and even betrayal could put you down.
Now let’s see how we can handle and try to overcome the feelings of aversion and hate that the wife has for you.
We know that your wife did not hate you when were married or during the initial period of your marriage. So when did it all start?

A husband and a wife losing some love for each other at times is common in lots of marriages, once we spend a lot of time with each other and get to know more and more, either the love would keep increasing or decrease based on the compatibility of each other.

When you first met your wife and fell in love with her and married her, you both wanted to create an environment where you both will be happy and joyful. She would have expected exactly the same from the marriage. But somewhere along the years or months, for some reason or the other the environment and responsibilities got changed. And because of this, what once felt like love and different personalities, now feels life difference of opinion, indifference and disappointments. And all these are now changing into loss of love and hate.

So what really is the problem? It is the change in environment that is triggering this than the change that has happened to the person. Know that people don’t really change without change in their environment and responsibilities. So one of the initial steps in bring back the lost love of your wife and to make her leave away her hate is to create a new environment where you both can rekindle the love you have for each other.

Do a self-analysis and see if you have changed to how you used to be when things were going good. Check her day-to-day life and see if there is anything that stresses her out and because of that she is venting out her frustration as hate towards you.

Know that to make your wife love you again and to overcome her hate is a summation of a lot of small things and it requires quite a bit of self-analysis as well.

So please be 100% committed to save your marriage regarding of what your wife is or is not doing. And also never play the blame game of how was responsible for all this to happen. Know that, doing that will not lead your marriage and relationship nowhere. So get out of your negative and bad emotional state and put yourself in a more practical and resourceful state. So get ready and make up your mind to take action RIGHT NOW.

Keep in mind that there are certain things you can do and say, and also certain ways you can behave that will start to change the dynamics of your relationship with your wife. And the best part is, this really works even if your wife isn’t doing anything to save the marriage.

So now it’s all up to you and how you use all the advices, guidance and the information available throughout this blog. If you don’t take action to get back the love of your life, then who else will?
Also please check out the steps and the advice that has been really useful and also successful in the lives of a lot of married couples who are facing problems and issues in their marriage. It just works good even if only one partner (that’s you) who is taking effort to save the marriage.